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Welcome to Bratislava,

During the 20th century Bratislava evolved and blossomed from a small European city to a large metropolis with half a million residents and it also became a principal area of economic growth. Nowadays Bratislava represents one of the faster developed capitals in Europe. Bratislava is considered one of the smaller and younger capital cities in Europe and only a few people actually know that Bratislava used to be a very significant city during the years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the city many people from different nations live together, creating a serene blend of people who

speak four languages, the main language which is Slovak as well as Hungarian and German. Sometimes and even nowadays some of the locals, usually the elderly, speak these three languages mixed together, using words from each one creating a clutter. 

The city of Bratislava is situated near the banks of Danube, a crossroad for many places in Europe. Furthermore the fact that Bratislava was inhabited by many races, such as the Romans, the Celts and of course the Slavs and that it was the capital city of Hungary during the rein of Maria Theresa and many other kings made the city a centre of civilization that subsisted a golden era.
The way of life, in Bratislava is a mixture of all these races that consolidated in order to create unique traditions, ceremonies and rituals. The Slovak cuisine is also a combination of all these nations that create wonderful tastes and savors. The tourists and visitors that travel to Bratislava enjoy their stay because the city is full of places to walk around, monuments, attractions, restaurants and numerous of cafeterias. But not only the tourists take pleasure in being in Bratislava, but also the residents because it is a charming and a marvelous city.

Bratislava attracts more and more sponsors and investors that generate new businesses construct new buildings and all these create a growth in the economy of the city and naturally the country and also a growth in the way of life. Tourists are coming to visit Bratislava from all over the world making it a special destination.

Bratislava is a small but beautiful place to visit which changes rapidly and becomes even more beautiful.


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