Bratislava is a city full of attractions and monuments. The Old Town, an amazing part of Bratislava, is filled with museums and palaces. Some of these museums and palaces are the Municipal Museum, the Museum of Wine Production, the Mirbach Palace and the Primate’s Palace.

Bratilava’s castle which is located above the Danube River offers a magnificent view of the city. It has been rebuilt many times since it was first built but it has not lost its original beauty. There are some more museums near the castle such as the Slovak National Museum, the Slovak National Gallery and the Natural Sciences Museum.

The old town is located in the north of the city of Bratislava, the Danube in the south, the castle in the west and you can use the Hviezdoslavovo square as a compass in order to help you find your way through the city. There is also a main train station in Bratislava, Hlavn stanica, but it is a few kilometers outside the centre of the town. North – East from the centre of the town you will find very cheap hostels and hotels with reasonable prices. There is also a variety of nice restaurants, bars and clubs in the Old Town. 

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The Castle


The castle of Bratislava is one of the main characteristics of the city. It looks like a table that has been turned upside down and its architecture has been shaped through the years especially during Renaissance and the Gothic periods. Bratislava was first called Pressburg because of the castle which used to roof the crown jewels of the Hungarian Empire. Due to the fact that the castle was burned twice, the castle is still being renovated but its appearance is fairly different from what it used to be centuries ago. Nowadays the castle hosts some Exhibitions of the National Museum and is part of the House of Parliament. The castle has been and will be a most dominant landmark.


The old town hall, a 14th century building that was constructed by the joining of a few houses was reconstructed many times through the years although it still has the cannonball that was used against Napoleon’s attracts. Another feature of the old town hall is the more than 150 years old stone slate that used to show the level of the water during rainfalls and floods. Some of the main statues of the old town hall are the statue of the Madonna and the statue of the King and Saint Latislav. The Town Hall Museum hosts relics that describe the city’s history. 


Count Grassalkovich had this Palace built as his summer house. Mary Theresa was very fond of it and through the years the palace use to modulate to the requirements of each sovereign. The palace used to be the Presidential residence since 1996.

Behind the Palace you can see the most wonderful gardens in the city of Bratislava. The gardens where designed in the 18th century just like the Palace. The castle offers an exhibition of modern art and the famous statue of Mary Theresa. The castle and its gardens is one of the favourite destinations of the locals and the tourists.    


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